Are you ready for some serious evil-ex ass-kicking on Nov. 9? Well the long wait for one of  the most underrated movies of 2010 comes to a close with the release of Scott Pilgrim vs. The World.

If you have no idea who Scott Pilgrim is, I’ll quickly fill you in. Scott Pilgrim is 23 years old, he shares an aparment with his super gay roommate Wallace Wells, He’s in a band called Sex Bob-omb (they suck), he’s a career slacker. Scott lives a precious little life. He’s dating a high-schooler and it’s easy. But everything changes when he literally meets the girl of his dreams, the mysterious Ramona Flowers. Scott becomes obsessed and wants to date her but only if he can defeat Ramona’s seven evil-exes. Seven evil-exes, yes.

It’s no surprise, in less than two months, Universal quickly rushed the title to DVD in hopes that it will reach cult classic status like Napoleon Dynamite or Back to the Future. Universal expected Scott Pilgrim to pretty much flop at the box office. But box office sales don’t necessarily reflect the cinematic quality of any movie.

SP didn’t carry much weight in theaters because it doesn’t speak to every audience, the movie is filled with so many inside references that it only connects with the generation of old school vide0-gamers, wannabe rockers, and saturday morning cartoon watchers who are now twenty-something hipsters. You know, “cool people.”

Regardless, this is a great movie with a unique story. Director Edgar Wright brings Bryan O’ Malley‘s original graphic novel to life with fast-paced comic-book action, witty characters and laugh-out loud moments. The best part is now you get to take it home with you. With all these special DVD features including four commentaries, music, featurettes, bloopers, behind the scenes, adult swim cartoons and 17 hrs of extras, Scott Pilgrim is ready to take on the World again!

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