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When it comes to first-person shooters, there are only two developers we recognize as the biggest franchises that have dominated the genre of military-based combat. There’s no doubt  Activision/Infinity Ward’s Call of Duty and EA/Dice’s Battlefield are the monopolies that have created a standard of what the FPS should model.

And soon both developers will  release their latest shooters later this year respectively. To give a taste of what kind of awesomeness gamers are anticipating, The duo  released trailers of their epic-scaled battles

Based in Iran and Iraq, Battlefield 3’s 12 minute gameplay trailer shows off beautiful environments bathed in detailed rays of sunlight and cast off shadows even in the midst of rubble-laden streets and nearly disentegrated buildings. The trailer also showcases solid gameplay with genuine panic behind your comrades giving out commands, intense firefights with massive artillery and lots of explosions.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 on the other focuses more on the story with a reveal trailer of America, England, France and Germany all being invaded in global chaos. There is nothing but carnage, explosions, confusion and more explosions. From the trailer, it doesn’t look like the engines behind the graphics or the gameply has changed. Modern Warfare 3 simply just looks and feels bigger.

More importanly, both trailers are not about the suppression of terrorist groups in the Middle East or the invasion of superpower countries, it’s probably about the ongoing conflict among diehard COD and BF fanboys, which will create  an interesting competition of which shooter is going to sell more come release date.

BF3 and MW3 are expected to be released in November 2011.

Even though I’m a fully grown mammal with an unkempt beard, I’m not too grown to play hide and seek especially when I’m chasing after some girls. Song playing is “Alligator” by Tegan and Sara and props to Krysalee Reyes, Emily Davis and Morgan Patterson for the general direction and talent in this project. Now enjoy this lame ass video that will be forever attached to my heart.

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