There’s been much anticipation following Beyonce’s latest album, 4 and nobody’s more excited than the energetic pop-star herself. But the unsurprising leak of her entire album before the June 28 release came as a minor disappointment.

“My music was leaked and while this is not how I wanted to present my new songs, I appreciate the positive response from my fans,” according to the superstar.

Still, that didn’t stop critics nationwide from forming their own thoughts about the album 4.

Putting it lightly, the overall census surrounding Beyonce’s latest album is that it feels “different.”

If you were expecting an album full of up-tempo hits like “Single Ladies” or “Crazy in Love,” you wouldn’t find too many of those here. After listening to the whole album, there’s an apparent change of pace from her previous albums. Most of the tracks like “1+1” and “I Miss You” are more of slow burning and low key beats with unusually soft vocals.

Rest assured, Beyonce didn’t leave her eccentric and high-powered style behind. There are still some songs that you can classify as your usual dance hits such as “Countdown” and a buoyant “End of Time while “Party” which has more of a lounge feel to it.

But none of these songs match the energy of Beyonce’s first single “Run the World (Girls).”  It may not live up to her previous smash classics but is a decent radio hit and power-girl anthem. I can even imagine many people posting videos of themselves rocking to it on YouTube.

4 may have received a lot of criticism from deviating from a known formula fans especially are used to but it’s no experiment that went haywire. Beyonce’s studio fourth ensemble is at best an album that went in a fresh direction. It’s definitely not her best work but nothing to be so upset about either. She may completely run the world another day.


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