Another sex scandal

Politicians and sex scandals go together like a peanut butter jelly sandwich. Except peanut butter and jelly can do no wrong.

It’s safe to say we can add Rep. Anthony Weiner (D-N.Y.) to the list of powerful men behaving badly. The representative
had been questioned after exposed photos of himself were posted directly from his Twitter account. Weiner, like all other public figures, denied everything. He claimed he had been “hacked” and outright lied to the public.

Weiner eventually buckled. After a long week of avoiding relentless pressing from the media, the political speaker finally admitted and revealed he had online relationships with six women in the past three years- relationships that occurred before and after his marriage.

This is not unprecedented. There have been so many counts of respected public figures who are involved in sexual scandals throughout history. This year alone has its handful including Arnold Schwarzenegger’s 10-year affair with a maid who mothered his child. Manchester United legend Ryan Giggs was also caught up in an eight-year affair with his brother’s wife, which was also exposed via Twitter last May.Frankly, the ability to uphold high moral standards and show ethical excellence has been diminishing with these men for a long time. Thus, I’m not surprised by Weiner’s incident I am rather shocked at the fact that Weiner still wants to retain his position. What makes him think that he isn’t going to resign after such an incident? Having affairs with possibly underage women won’t help him or his party in any upcoming elections for sure.

After declaring that he wouldn’t resign, it’s a good thing Minority House Speaker Nancy Pelosi committed an ethics investigation upon his case. There is no way such behavior should go unpunished. I’m looking forward to his resignation. Now cue some more juvenile headlines and puns around the web.