In Brave New World. The first thing that comes to my mind is the sci-fi world of a utopia. Children are no longer given birth to but mass-produced as clones and programmed to their respective roles.  Women do not have to be courted because they offer themselves like sacrificial pieces of meat. The advancement of science and technology is now hailed as religion. There is a set class of society ranging from the “perfect” Alpha males to the bottom-feeding Epsilons.  Brave New World is a place of gratification, orgies and elitism.  That is just the natural of order of things. Brave New World believes heavily in the motto “Community. Identity. Stability.”  Everyone knows their role and blindly upholds this law. However, the later introduction of “The Savage” changes everything. The Savage is viewed as an outcast because he was “birthed.” Thus society treats him as a lesser being. He is different.

Because “The Savage” is different, I visualized the savage as “bigger” and “better” than the high class citizens of Brave New World because he possesses more of a sympathetic and humane quality than they ever could.  As a result I believe it is appropriate for “The Savage” to be the focus of the cover. as he gradually becomes the protagonist of the book. I wanted to highlight him as a different color from the other stick figures that surround him. The color creates a dramatic effect. Red works perfectly because it gives a tone of urgency and “worry.” It also symbolizes how he is isolated from their bourgeois and above the cold-heartedness of Utopia. The computer-generated image of stickman figures also gives the cover that Sci-fi feel, which is perfect for the book cover.

I had a lot of help with this from my VCAR professor who helped with the cement background and the computer generated graphics I found on google made this project very easy. Regardless, I spent a painstaking amount of time  into making this a single communicating element.