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If there was such a thing as emo R&B then Toronto-based singer Abel Tesfaye would be its pioneer. The artist appropriately goes by the stage name The Weeknd which captures all of the harrowing and crazy nights in his music. Continuing with his tragic trilogy, The Weeknd dropped Thursday this August following the successful embrace of House of Balloons in March 2011.

His first endeavor left a great impression on critics and was described as “a true album, a true labor of love” despite being a mixtape. Thursday follows the same suit of House of Balloons but with more of the atmosphere that’s full of drugs, lust and pain swooning softly with disembodied and echoing vocals.

Despite the raunchy and shallow content, Thursday is shockingly captivating. Songs including “The Zone” are cold and unapologetic for crimes such as infidelity. The lyrics “I’ll give you what you called for/Just let me get in my zone/I’ll be making love to her through you/So let me keep my eyes closed” moan effortlessly over the track. The melancholic “Rolling Stone” flows with constant acoustics that strum along to soft and easing vocals.  Most of the tracks are hard to distinguish from each other at first because of same-sounding elements but are not necessarily repetitive. Through the pleasure and regret, the whole experience of Thursday is like a hypnotic trance that traps you in a wonderful nightmare.

With 180,000+ downloads just the first day, The Weeknd will continue to bring more of those brilliant and fucked up moments. I’m looking forward to how it all ends with Echoes of Silence later in the fall. Visit The Weeknd official website to download The Trilogy here.

Lil Wayne Releases new single "Right Above It"

New Orleans rapper Lil Wayne floats on top of the iTunes music charts with his new single “Right Above It”

I’m not really a fan of Lil Wayne but anything done with Drake is an automatic hit. Young Money did well to acquire his talents.

The song itself is a dope and solemn triumph wrapped in all the signature creativity and swagger from Lil Wayne and Drake. Enjoy.

Drake features on the Top 10 for August 2010

Check out some of these cool new tracks I discovered. They are now posted for you to enjoy on the Whatever Blog. The playlist features music from Drake, Taylor Swift, Kanye West and more. Comment to let me know if you enjoyed the music selection or think the playlist can do much better.

Thank Me Later

Thank Me Later, Drake’s debut studio album is undoubtedly living proof that highlights the rapper’s versatile talents. Especially with the alternative  track “Cece’s Interlude”

Unlike most rap artists, Drake isn’t scared to show a softer side with this gripping and sentimental ballad. Making it the song of the day. Enjoy.