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Super injuction, my ass

What kind of web site has enough power and influence to end a politician’s career or start a unified movement against oppressing governments in the Middle East? Undoubtedly, Twitter has managed to establish itself as one of the most powerful tools of freedom of expression with 140 characters or less.

But shouldn’t there be regulations? That’s the best part, nothing is off limits. However, people should be ready to deal with whatever results after their use of social media.

A British footballer from Manchester United tried to prevent his extra marital affair from being exposed with a super injuction. Thus the press couldn’t reveal his name but that didn’t stop 75,ooo individuals from tweeting his name in a trending topic. Consequently, ordered another  court order in British High Court to demand Twitter reveal the identities of users who had posted the tweets but that’s where legal system’s reach ends. This is the Internet, any source of informatio is available to any user and at their disposal.

Trying to police the public from posting the truth or facts about a certain matter is virtually impossible and even  an infringement on free expression. You can not censor it.

After Rep. Anthony Weiner posted shameful photos of himself on his Twitter account, much controversy and pressure from the media followed with his resignation soon afterwards. Twitter allows the right to post whatever you want even at your own risk. Thus Weiner’s resignation was his own doing but I’d never have guessed it would come as a result of social-networking.

Social media also serves as a vehicle for people to voicebtheir grievances and protests against oppression. This has also been an increasing trend in Facebook and Twitter in parts of the Middle East. During the revolutions in Egypt and the uprising of people against President Gaddafi in Libya, governments cut access to internet in an attempt to censor activists. However freedom of speech would not be denied. The need for social media rose to 155 million tweets a day on Twitter. “Hacktivists” looked for alternative ways to bypass the government shutdown to access the internet and still voice their protests on Facebook or Twitter.

As a result, their story has been told worldwide through themedia, world leaders President Barack Obama and Hilary Clinton have pleaded with these governments to stop censoring their own people and people have become more aware of the struggles in the Middle East. Because of that social media  should be as free as ever, without regulations to allow people to express whatever they want- whatever the consequences.

Don't Forget to Like The Whatever Blog on Facebook

In the quest to establish a strong hold on the social media and networking era. Kuuku’s Whatever Blog is proud to announce its official launch as a Facebook page.

But you probably couldn’t give a flying rat’s ass about my blog so why should you care? Well, it’s like those Geico commercials where one guy saves a bunch of money on car insurance and the other is left looking like an idiot.  In this case, I’m the one who saved a bunch of money by creating a Facebook page for my blog.

While others are living as the bottom-feeders in this saturated world of social online media- I’m talking about the group of losers following celebrities on Twitter, watching pointless videos on Youtube and  ‘Liking’ too many pages on Facebook.

Well I’m still part of that group but I’m working my way up the latter. Now that I have completely branded my online presence with a signature blog and a Facebook page, I’m definitely sharpshooting to the top of the social media network cesspool. Creating my own wave of influence among others.

Forgive me if I sound like one of those ‘I’m-so-important-because-I-have-a-blog-and-everybody-should-listen-to-what-I-have-to-say’ elites. That’s not the point.

The main point of all of this is that social media and networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and various blogging sites (such as this one) are extremely powerful tools of influence. They have completely shaped the way we communicate and share information online these days. Videos, tweets and all that online stuff can go viral within a heartbeat.

Recently, one of my friends posted  a song called “They” by pop artist Jem on her blog. Coincidentally, this was the song I faintly heard once but could not remember for the life of me since 2004 . Who would have thought I’d discover a song I couldn’t remember forever on a freaking blog. It’s a miracle that’s what.

Another benefit we all gain from these Web sites is that they promote whatever talents or services we have to offer to other users. For example, companies around the world are using Facebook  as extensions of their businesses in order to drive growth, engagement and customer traffic.

Pandora, the popular Internet radio company, creates personalized radio stations for its listeners where they simply enter a favorite artist or song. More than 50 million listeners have registered for Pandora to date and now have an additional tool with which they can share their personalized radio stations and musical discoveries via Facebook. This makes it easier than ever for listeners to build stations, connect with friends, share music discoveries, and make their Pandora experience bigger according to the Facebook Platform Showcase.

In my case, I didn’t create a blog just to blab about what I had for breakfast or journal about my non-existent love life. As a Journalism major, I created this blog to use an as online portfolio and springboard to a potential career in writing.

I want to showcase what I do well and brand myself to potential employers so they gain a strong sense of what I am about. I want to inform others about  what’s going on in the world. I want to share funny stories, good music and other cool stuff through this blog.

And the good news is that we all can do the same, you can take charge and rise on top of all this social media network madness. Like it or not it’s all about keeping up with the Joneses so I challenge you. If you’re an aspiring musician, you have the opportunity to share your songs on your own MySpace music page and be discovered like Mike Posner or become the next YouTube sensation like the Auto the News crew that struck a TV deal with Comedy Central.

Remember, the social media network is your online playground don’t be reluctant to take a swing through it.

What do you actually think of social networking? Is is just a crazy internet fad that our generation just blindly follows? another one of those things that the youth just waste their time doing? Or is it something that is actually bigger than that?

Personally, social networking is, has and will potentially become a big part of every-one’s life one way or another. That is because  social networking sites have become an essential part of communication. Communication as groundbreaking as the mobile phone, radio and Television. They pull us into a black hole of infinite information which is useful to all of its users. Businesses these days desperately try to advertise on social networking sites in order to expand their products and services to over one billion social networking users.

As a result, social networking sites are tools that we can use for various reasons. Catch up, keeping in touch or making new friends, blogging,  marketing and promoting a new product. But there seems to be an influx of these social networking tools and I don’t know how if I can keep up with all of them.

The first social networking site I joined was Hi5 where I was reunited with my old buddies from elementary school in 2004 but it became an unsucessful project for me in the end. I also experimented with other various sites like Black Planet, Tagged, and Friendster but I didn’t find much use for them. Then there was the ever-popular MySpacewhere I heard my friends talking about it in English class. This whole MySpace craze spread infectiously and I was inevitably compelled to get one. It was fun when it started because now I was in a circle of high school friends I could keep in touch with. In a way, social networking made it easier to communicate with people that you would not want to talk to on the phone or in person because it’d just be weird and awkward.

Suddenly, MySpace got out of hand with the constant spamming and random friend requests from swimsuit models and pornstars. its social aspect was also dwindling because I hardly communicated with my friends. Sometimes it was difficult to find any of your friends because of the random and stupid display names we all had like,  “I’m a gAngSTA”, “Big-Mack WOoD”,  “D@iSiee”  and all that non-sense. MySpace then became a popularity-contest. It was about who had the most random friends, most comments, and the coolest designed page. It just became filthy and extremely childish. Iwas sick of it and I immediately deleted my account telling myself I would never get into any more of these social networking cess pools.

After graduating from high school and recovering from a horrible stint with MySpace, I quickly found out that I was still addicted to the social networking sites. I was in dire need of one now that I was going to college. Not having one was not like having a cell phone. Then I found Facebook.

I heard a lot of good things about it; that it was good as MySpace and even had better features. Facebookwas another one of those social networking giants that recently came on the scene after MySpace. Insanely popular but what really impressed me is that it was nothing like Facebook. There was no HTML that you had to constantly fidget with, it was easy to connect with and find your friends because all you had to do was search for their names, not as much spam, most of the the applications were very useful and it had a very professional look to it. That is a plus given the fact that I’m a college student now and a potential employer might want to look me up post-grad.

Till this day Facebook is best social networking tool I have ever come across and constantly find many uses for it such as blogging, sharing and  keeping in touch with family and friends. So the long-lost search for the right social-networking site came to an end. Then came Twitter.

Twitter is just not another social networking site, it also serves as a mirco-blogging service. Users can read or put up  messages known as tweets for other users or affiliated networking groups. Tweets are text-based updates that are only up to 140 characters long. Users can decide to have tweets on their Twitter page to be made public or private. Unlike the other social networking sites you don’t make any friends, you gather followers. Followers are users that subscribe to your page in order to view your tweets.

Twitter was first created by Jack Dorsey in 2006 but didn’t really catch on until Febraury 2009  when it became the third most used social networking site according  to a poll from compete.com. Twitter has also become one of the fastest growing websites since March 2009 with 10 million users worldwide. Twitter also made history with the unfortunate passing away of Michael Jackson. The rumors and confirmation of Jackson’s death generated over 900 million tweets from all over the world, coming in at every millisecond. Twitter was overloaded with so many tweets that it temporarily crashed. Even the news came hours before news networks like CNN confirmed and gave coverage of the shocking event. But that’s not surprising. With Twitter on the internet, usually any news or event becomes a trending topic on Twitter way before it’s covered by the media

As a result, I became a user of Twitter. Not that I’m a follower or anything like that. I found it quite useful because it is another good source of communication, keeps me in touch with my friends and provides me a lot of good connections with the outside world. Besides I spend a lot more time on the computer than  I do watching  TV.  But I don’t think that I have seen the last of any these social networking websites because there will be more and they might even surpass  Facebook and Twitter and over load us with more information and connections. We will constantly have to sift through them and decide which ones work best for us for the rest of our lives.