If you can shutdown online commerce, inspire millions of people through music and wacky costumes, or upset Catholic churches you may  probably be an undeniable force in pop culture or Lady Gaga.

Don’t pretend you don’t know who she is because she’s probably all around you from the radio, to the web to that annoying friend of yours who keeps singing “Poker Face.” Whether you love her or can’t stand her, (either as a person or a musician) there are several reasons that explain Gaga’s massive stronghold in general entertainment.

One major factor that contributes to her success is obviously her music. She may be still compared to predecessors such as Madonna that “paved” the way for her but in her own right, Gaga has set a musical standard for today’s recording artists. Her two albums, The Fame and The Fame Monster reached number one in several countries and earned her eight Grammys combined, along with a pool of music videos that have earned her a countless stack of awards. That alone makes her an established artist to date.

In addition, most successful artists not only use their music to sky rocket themselves in media but find other  ways to stay relevant  in which case Lady Gaga has done well and that’s an understatement.

Lady Gaga is undoubtedly a pop culture icon because she’s virtually synchronized her music with the power of social media. According to Music Ally, there are 443 million hits for the term ‘Lady Gaga’ on Google and 360 million views of Bad Romance on YouTube. After releasing her latest album Born This Way on Amazon for only 99 cents last May, the power of Gaga mania brought down its servers due to excessive demand. Google also announced  the pop star would  be their spokesperson of their upcoming web-based Chromebook laptops after launching a commercial of the superstar inspiring millions of her fans on YouTube.

Apart from having such a strong social media presence and a successful music career, Lady Gaga of course revels in a little bit of controversy. Controversy generates interest and brings people closer or keeps them in that iconic status. Thus Lady Gaga is no stranger to that either, in fact her weird lyrics and eccentric costumes are always at the heart of such issues. Her latest single Judas (over 48 million views on YouTube), contain the dark lyrics “Jesus is my virtue and Judas is the demon I cling to,” has angered or rather baited religious groups into an upset frenzy. Which has no doubt yielded more hits on Google and views of the controversial videos on YouTube.

Either way, it’s no wonder people either love or hate her music or can’t  get away from the controversial headlines about Lady Gaga, it’s probably because Lady Gaga is pop culture.