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Ghana’s most notorious hip-lifers are at it again- M3nsa and Wanlov the Kubolor are the FOKN BOIS  and they are the same geniuses who brought you Broken Language but now the mischievous duo are now taking jabs at our Nigerian and lesser counterparts with this just-for-laughs joint “Thank God We are not a Nigerians.” Oh and if you’ve never heard of Nigeria. They are like the Canada of Africa. Just obscure and whack. I’m joking sha! I love my Nigerian peoples.

This will be a rant session. It's my blog damn it!

When I think of Saints Row, I think of some poser Grand Theft Auto clone with over the top stupidity. You probably can't believe I just said that. How's it any different from GTA?

GTA is all about violence. True. both games are full of raunchy content but the difference is that GTA has a certain feel of maturity and satire. It leaves you with the choice to play the game however you want. Saints Row on the other hand is like the juvenile dude in class who laughs at the word "penis." It rewards you for really stupid things and urges you to do things that I just don't see the point of. Don't take my word for it, Producer for Saints Row: The Third, Greg Donovan seems to get a thrill out of his gamers beating pedestrians with baseball-sized dildos.

“We wanted everything the player does to be compelling, satisfying, and also adhere to that unique brand of humor that people have to know in the franchise. Our philosophy is,‘Why just allow players to kick pedestrians when you can have them to groin hits? Why give them a baseball bat if you can give them a giant, purple dildo bat?’ It’s just a lot more fun, a lot more memorable, and just fits the franchise.”

Really? Beating people up with bat dildos is compelling? I don't understand how such elements have led to the "success" of this franchise. Also check out the commercial that tends to glorify violence and the fast life in lamest way possible.

Note: You could also beat up people with a dildo in GTA: San Andreas but that wasn't the unique selling point of the game in the least.

AC Liberty radio is a podcast on everything soccer from the MLS, English Premier League to your own local soccer teams. It’s all just fun and critical discussions of the beautiful game. Today’s episode features controversial calls by refs in the EPL on some of Manchester United recent games. Are Man U getting a taste of their own medicine or have they’ve been unfairly singled out? Also, Vice Captain Greg Adejinle from Liberty University comes on the show to promote his intramural soccer team AC Liberty.

In Brave New World. The first thing that comes to my mind is the sci-fi world of a utopia. Children are no longer given birth to but mass-produced as clones and programmed to their respective roles.  Women do not have to be courted because they offer themselves like sacrificial pieces of meat. The advancement of science and technology is now hailed as religion. There is a set class of society ranging from the “perfect” Alpha males to the bottom-feeding Epsilons.  Brave New World is a place of gratification, orgies and elitism.  That is just the natural of order of things. Brave New World believes heavily in the motto “Community. Identity. Stability.”  Everyone knows their role and blindly upholds this law. However, the later introduction of “The Savage” changes everything. The Savage is viewed as an outcast because he was “birthed.” Thus society treats him as a lesser being. He is different.

Because “The Savage” is different, I visualized the savage as “bigger” and “better” than the high class citizens of Brave New World because he possesses more of a sympathetic and humane quality than they ever could.  As a result I believe it is appropriate for “The Savage” to be the focus of the cover. as he gradually becomes the protagonist of the book. I wanted to highlight him as a different color from the other stick figures that surround him. The color creates a dramatic effect. Red works perfectly because it gives a tone of urgency and “worry.” It also symbolizes how he is isolated from their bourgeois and above the cold-heartedness of Utopia. The computer-generated image of stickman figures also gives the cover that Sci-fi feel, which is perfect for the book cover.

I had a lot of help with this from my VCAR professor who helped with the cement background and the computer generated graphics I found on google made this project very easy. Regardless, I spent a painstaking amount of time  into making this a single communicating element.

Nemanja Vidic

Manchester United have some problems on their hands. Manchester United defender Rio Ferdinand is injured for a full six months before the start of the 2010/11 Premier League Season. In addition, Rumors of Serbian defender Nemanja Vidic wanting to leave the club for Real Madrid keep emerging and have the club unsettled at the dresser. Wayne Rooney can’t seem to shake off his no-show performance at the 2010 World Cup and is in a complete wreck. Is that why people are saying Manchester United are destined to finish outside the Top 4 or is it just plain jealousy of Manchester United’s success?

I just watched another episode of the Football Spy from the UK and there were some really interesting views on Man U. Believe it or not, Man U will finish outside the Top 4. But in all honesty, I can’t fathom that. Since the inception of the English Premier League in 1992, Sir Alex Ferguson’s side have never finished lower than 3rd place. They are consistent and one of the best sides in the EPL.

Even as an Arsenal fan, the thoughts of Man U finishing outside the Top 4 are ridiculous. That’s like saying Wayne Rooney could win in a beauty pageant (No offense Rooney)

So you may not like Manchester United but don’t deny the fact that this is a team that has won many titles and is draped in historical success. Rather focus on your own team and cheer them on in the 2010/11 Premier League Season. In this case, it’s Arsenal that I have down for the title. Go Gunners!

Will Fernando Torres stay with Liverpool? Will Barcelona pry Cesc Fabregas from Arsenal’s grip? Can Machester City and Inter Milan reach an agreement for the talented Balotelli?

There are too many skeptical rumors spreading around about the latest transfers. But the Football Spy from the UK has got all the credible and legit scoops regarding club transfers, players, teams and the Premier League. Video from footytube.com


Arsenal lifted the Emirates Cup once again on August 1, 2010

A 3-2 win over Celtic FC at Emirates Stadium secured the trophy for the third time in four years with Carlos Vela, Bacary Sagna and Samir Nasri all on the scoresheet. However, Arsenal midfielder Jack Wilshere won man of the match.

The major pots are Arsenal’s priority of course and they would no doubt swap the Emirates Cup for the Premier League or Champions League next May.

But it’s nice to win any trophy and Arsenal enjoyed the moment after the final whistle blew.

How to Talk to a Widower

Is there really an interesting story about a depressed young man who does nothing but painfully mourn his wife’s death in a plane crash? Not really, but author Jonathan Tropper puts a damn unique and hilarious spin on this one. I picked up How to Talk to a Widower on a calm summer day and like what most book critics would say, “I couldn’t put it down!”

We’ve already seen movies or read books about being single, dating and having secret affairs with nymphomaniac cougars but Tropper puts this altogether in a refreshingly new insight. Seriously.

Lovable characters such as a rebellious and wise-cracking teen and a semi-dysfunctional family that unintentionally wind up in laugh-out loud moments make it a great read. It may not be one of the best novels out there but it is so entertaining and vivid, it’s like reading the inevitable movie version itself.  If you haven’t read this already, be sure to pick up this enjoyable novel by Jonathan Tropper.

South Africa 2010

After 76 years of failed attempts to reach the World Cup, Ghana finally made history after a famous 3-0 victory against South Africa to enter the most prestigious tournament in the world in May 2006. That day, so many dreams came true.  There was so much joy and jubilation in the crowded streets of Accra. I had never been more proud to be a Ghanaian that day.

There have been some great moments in African football, including Ghana’s youth squad winning the Under-17 World Cup in 2009. The fact that the 2010 World Cup will be hosted in South Africa is also groundbreaking even though it has been past due.

Despite the great achievements, there are still some problems I think need to be addressed or at least pointed out.

In Ghana, football is more than just a sport. Like baseball in America, football is Ghana’s past time; it is passion that flows through every Ghanaian’s veins. It spreads infectiously; No matter where you are, you are exposed to it. It becomes a part of you.

“Nobody can deny football. Passion for football is among the children, everybody from the schools to the streets, even the blind man, they want to play football,” Ghana Football Association President Kwesi Nyantakyi said.

I remember growing up in Accra, any game between Hearts of Oak and Kotoko FC on a Sunday is the most exciting time of your life. You sit with your friends and debate which team is the best, then you go and play football right afterwards.

Football also gives hope, not only in Ghana but in Africa too. There is a big, untapped pool of talent. Millions of African children are looking for an opportunity to succeed in life through football.

Since poverty hits hard in most African countries, including Ghana, football is the strong and persistent belief that it is the only way to escape poverty.

“I like football so much, I’m looking forward to playing in Europe, to play in any part of the world,” Kofi Asamoah said, wearing a LA galaxy shirt. He plays in a local league hoping he will be picked up by a scout from the other side of the world.

“If I can sign a professional contract, I can give money to my parents so that they will use it to take care of my sick sister,” 9-year-old Evans Mensah said,

I admire the fact the African youth are chasing their dreams and trying to better lives for themselves. But should trying to be a footballer the only thing that they should aspire to?

 Their dreams to become footballers become ultimately unrealistic given the state of African football. Sadly, some children give up education because they believe they will be picked up by scouts from Europe.

Football in Africa is not in the best state. It needs to improve and it needs to be utilized to its maximum potential and other opportunities should be available to the African children other than football.

One major problem some countries such as Sierra Leone is that the local leagues are dwindling. There is lack of revenue coming in due to corruption by the organizers and supervisors. African footballers are only seen as cheap commodities. They do not get paid and cannot provide for their families. So there is no incentive to stay and play in Africa. As a result, there is an exodus of African players trying to get into Europe and the local game is constantly robbed of quality talent.  In addition to that, African football is seen as completely inferior to the forces of powerful foreign leagues such as the English Premier League (EPL) and the Italian Serie A.

Resources in most African countries are allocated to cable and coverage of these foreign leagues. Local villagers are all about the craze of the foreign football and spend most of their money via pay-per-view especially to watch the EPL. All that money goes to back the EPL, they get bigger and the support or structure behind the local leagues gets smaller.

I’m not saying ban the EPL from being shown in Africa. It is very popular and is a great league to watch. I just think African governments and African football associations should focus resources on developing our own local leagues. We should cut off the corruption that is preventing African football from thriving

South Africa’s Premier Soccer League (PSL) is a structured and commercialized league that is broadcasted all over Africa and even several other countries. Players are paid well, treated fairly and are treated like heroes the way English fans treat Wayne Rooney.

Countries like Ghana and Nigeria should follow suit because I believe it is in the general interest if we all want African football to be on the same level of that England, Spain or Italy

Most importantly, we also need to educate people that football is not the only way out of poverty. We have to show the children that they can be doctors, teachers, pastors, lawyers and so on by encouraging them to go to school. I am certain if we commit to these beliefs, African football will thrive and prosper even more in addition to the recent achievements. Who knows maybe Ghana will win the 2010 World Cup.

Plyometrics: Derick Robinson slam dunks

Derick Robinson blazes faster than the road-runner through the top of the key past his opponents, he takes off with blistering explosiveness as he soars way above the rim with his arm stretched out and slam dunks the basketball with powerful execution.

The pulse of the dunk elicits loud screams of awe and cheer but it is not only the dunk that gets the crowd rallied up. Robinson’s height of only 5’9 is what really turns heads and raises eyebrows.

“I’ve been jumping since I was a little kid but I didn’t know I could enhance my flight until I started working really hard at it. Right now I’ve added 14 inches to my vertical jump,” Robinson said.

The secret behind Robinson’s ability to jump higher and dunk on a 10-foot rim are the workouts he implements from time to time- Plyometrics.

Plyometrics are exercises that merge physical qualities of speed and strength. This involves the toughening of tissues and training of nerve cells to stimulate a pattern of muscle contraction. These exercises help a person to run faster, hit harder, throw further and jump higher.

The Eastern Europeans first used plyometrics in the 1970s to develop greater strength and power in their Olympic athletes. They based their programs on scientific evidence that stretching muscles prior to contracting them enhance muscle contraction according to the American Council on Exercises (ACE.)

Sports Massage Therapist Dennis Wright from Miller-Motte Technical College states it is a workout that focuses on enhancement of muscles in the body

“Plyometrics bridge the gap between speed and strength thus developing power. Muscle mass versus velocity equals power which results in explosiveness. Some exercises include leg training, box jumps and core training,” Wright said.

When used safely and effectively, benefits from Plyometrics result in stronger muscles, increased vertical jump and decreased impact forces on the joints.

Plyometric exercises are generally tailored to athletes but Wright recommended it as part of any regular workout if proper precautions are taken.

“Plyometrics should only be used after you’ve conditioned the body and developed adequate core strength and joint stability. That’s when you mostly benefit,” Wright said.

Plyometric training has its benefits but has received its fair share of criticism. It is labeled as complex and extremely dangerous.

Anybody considering Plyometric training should proceed with extreme caution due to reported cases of injury and severe muscle cramps from dangerous Plyometric programs such as depth jumping and drop jumping. Some of these programs involve jumping up and down from boxes or benches that are as high as 42 inches.

The ACE recommends only simple ground-level jumps from soft surfaces and training under proper supervision for anyone, even athletes. Plyometric training can be a smart addition to a healthy individual’s training program, as long as it is used wisely.

“When you start out with plyometrics, it is not something you should do by yourself. I had a trainer help me with my jump training,” Robinson said.

 Robinson is fairly pleased with his results after 16 straight weeks of plyometric training.

“I feel like it’s definitely helped me a lot with my basketball even though it took some work. It was worth it because when I take off on the court it’s like I got springs in my legs,” Robinson said.