This will be a rant session. It's my blog damn it!

When I think of Saints Row, I think of some poser Grand Theft Auto clone with over the top stupidity. You probably can't believe I just said that. How's it any different from GTA?

GTA is all about violence. True. both games are full of raunchy content but the difference is that GTA has a certain feel of maturity and satire. It leaves you with the choice to play the game however you want. Saints Row on the other hand is like the juvenile dude in class who laughs at the word "penis." It rewards you for really stupid things and urges you to do things that I just don't see the point of. Don't take my word for it, Producer for Saints Row: The Third, Greg Donovan seems to get a thrill out of his gamers beating pedestrians with baseball-sized dildos.

“We wanted everything the player does to be compelling, satisfying, and also adhere to that unique brand of humor that people have to know in the franchise. Our philosophy is,‘Why just allow players to kick pedestrians when you can have them to groin hits? Why give them a baseball bat if you can give them a giant, purple dildo bat?’ It’s just a lot more fun, a lot more memorable, and just fits the franchise.”

Really? Beating people up with bat dildos is compelling? I don't understand how such elements have led to the "success" of this franchise. Also check out the commercial that tends to glorify violence and the fast life in lamest way possible.

Note: You could also beat up people with a dildo in GTA: San Andreas but that wasn't the unique selling point of the game in the least.