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In the midst of the London riots, the media has continued to surface over the issue for some time now. Social commentators and news anchors have interjected their opionions and assertions about the rise of crime.

Until now, none of these comments have been racially misguided and prejudiced as historian David Starkey’s claim that the “whites have become blacks” and have been subdued to the criminal culture of Jamaicans and so forth.

What’s worse is that I can’t believe such bigotry was allowed on a prominent news source such as BBC. Starkey an “educated” man may have advocated that Blacks are the main cause and reason for the riots but here’s what London comedian Nabil Abdul Rashid had to say.

A friend of mine put up a status on Facebook asking about good party songs to play. Suddenly, I got the urge to make the ultimate party playlist. Here, I put together a collection of songs that can get any crowd to bop their heads, get goosebumps and more importantly get hype rock. Whether they are hot joints or old classic hits, these are songs you must play at a party if you want to get any action going.

I know there are better sources that pinpoint one’s musical taste such as Pandora but there’s nothing like creating your own playlist from your personal and social experiences.

I called this playlist “The Future is Now”- a bunch of hard-hitting jams influenced by electronica, synthesized sounds and hyper-paced bass. But after all the hype, you want things to get mellow at the end. The playlist features various genres such as rap & hip-hop, alternative, rock and electronica  & dance. Unfortunately, I’m really lacking in some solid dancehall/reggae but I haven’t been keeping up with that genre. Other than that, are there any songs on here that you would play? Or is this collection a complete swing and miss? Let me know if there are other songs that would make a great party playlist.


Ghana’s most notorious hip-lifers are at it again- M3nsa and Wanlov the Kubolor are the FOKN BOIS  and they are the same geniuses who brought you Broken Language but now the mischievous duo are now taking jabs at our Nigerian and lesser counterparts with this just-for-laughs joint “Thank God We are not a Nigerians.” Oh and if you’ve never heard of Nigeria. They are like the Canada of Africa. Just obscure and whack. I’m joking sha! I love my Nigerian peoples.

Want to know what’s it like to date a unicorn or would you rather get punched in the genitals than go through customer service on the phone? I thought so- Rest assured, The Oatmeal gives rather hilarious yet educational perspective on all these issues.

Web designer turned cartoon artist Matthew Inman is the likable know-it-all and douche-bag behind this crazy Web site. His cartoons will teach you the proper uses of irony and words that you seriously need to stop “mispelling.” More importantly you’ll love his facetious and sarcastic humor that ripples throughout each cartoon. It’s just full of random awkward awesomeness.

The Whatever Blog begs you to visit this Web site, the content on here is full of daily things in life you can enjoyably relate to, which will have you busting on the ground with stomach busting laughs.

Forget Facebook or Twitter (for at least two minutes) and check out something that will actually struck a chord with you. The Whatever Blog guarantees that you will love this Web site so much it will make you want to drop kick a baby and do backflips in the middle of a highway.

In the life of today’s college students, it is often recommended that they expose or place themselves in a real live work setting where they can gain valuable experience- an internship.

Internships are all about entering the real world. It’s when students get unplugged from the already struggling lifestyle of residential campus and face tougher challenges of budgeting and long commutes to 9 to 5 jobs.

So what is it about the sudden need for internships? Why is trying to  get a job that you don’t get paid for most of time with some organization so damn important?

In a burrito wrap, internships provide you with insider status in the workplace. You might get to assist an ad agency with a commercial, or write for a web site or a broadcasting station or even interview Congress members for an op-ed in Capitol Hill. They also help establish potential networking relationships on the side and eventually filling you up with all the valuable knowledge you need in the workplace.

If you need more incentive to get into an internship, some organizations such as the one I work at  hire up to 70 percent of their interns. That’s because employers get to know you better, have more time to evaluate your work ethic and save more money re-hiring interns for staff positions instead of spending resources to train new people

And  if you are like me, a college student who has virtually no experience and has struggled to find work with every job application, an internship is the very thing you need to thrive in this job-ridden economy.

According to the National Association of Colleges and Employers’ 2010 Student Survey, individuals who finished U.S. undergraduate programs are most likely to receive job offers if they have completed internships.

“About 42 percent of seniors who had done internships received at least one job offer, compared to about 30 percent of seniors who had not. The ex-interns were also offered higher salaries and were more likely to accept the jobs they were offered.”

In addition, the percent of interns converted to full-time employees increased from 35.6% in 2001 to 50.5% in 2008 and the trend keeps increasing according to Gardner, Chao, & Hurst.

These are some of the main benefits of interning. However, the real challenge with internships is getting one and the only thing that stands between you and the internship you’re pursuing, is yourself.

My college was offering an internship program known as the Washington Semester through its Career Center. They provided uppergraduate students with potential intern opportunities from various organizations in relation to their majors.  Also, the students would spend an entire semester working as interns. However, the beginning process for the internship was the furthest thing from easy. Like most internships, the Washington Semester required a substantial amount of demanding requirements and unforgiving deadlines. It seemed barely impossible. But I didn’t give up.

Remember, the internship is what you make it. You have to be motivated and determined. There are too many students who become discouraged by some of application processes. Like it or not,  you will have to battle through the gauntlet of creating the resume, attaining a decent GPA, racking up reference letters, attending workshops, maintaining portfolios, meeting with your advisor and preparing for the dreaded interviews (Not to mention some of the fees you have to pay as well).

With that said, once you know you want to get an internship, you have to commit to these requirements. It may not be the easiest thing in the world but in my case, I saw it as my best bet as an up and coming post-grad.

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In the quest to establish a strong hold on the social media and networking era. Kuuku’s Whatever Blog is proud to announce its official launch as a Facebook page.

But you probably couldn’t give a flying rat’s ass about my blog so why should you care? Well, it’s like those Geico commercials where one guy saves a bunch of money on car insurance and the other is left looking like an idiot.  In this case, I’m the one who saved a bunch of money by creating a Facebook page for my blog.

While others are living as the bottom-feeders in this saturated world of social online media- I’m talking about the group of losers following celebrities on Twitter, watching pointless videos on Youtube and  ‘Liking’ too many pages on Facebook.

Well I’m still part of that group but I’m working my way up the latter. Now that I have completely branded my online presence with a signature blog and a Facebook page, I’m definitely sharpshooting to the top of the social media network cesspool. Creating my own wave of influence among others.

Forgive me if I sound like one of those ‘I’m-so-important-because-I-have-a-blog-and-everybody-should-listen-to-what-I-have-to-say’ elites. That’s not the point.

The main point of all of this is that social media and networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and various blogging sites (such as this one) are extremely powerful tools of influence. They have completely shaped the way we communicate and share information online these days. Videos, tweets and all that online stuff can go viral within a heartbeat.

Recently, one of my friends posted  a song called “They” by pop artist Jem on her blog. Coincidentally, this was the song I faintly heard once but could not remember for the life of me since 2004 . Who would have thought I’d discover a song I couldn’t remember forever on a freaking blog. It’s a miracle that’s what.

Another benefit we all gain from these Web sites is that they promote whatever talents or services we have to offer to other users. For example, companies around the world are using Facebook  as extensions of their businesses in order to drive growth, engagement and customer traffic.

Pandora, the popular Internet radio company, creates personalized radio stations for its listeners where they simply enter a favorite artist or song. More than 50 million listeners have registered for Pandora to date and now have an additional tool with which they can share their personalized radio stations and musical discoveries via Facebook. This makes it easier than ever for listeners to build stations, connect with friends, share music discoveries, and make their Pandora experience bigger according to the Facebook Platform Showcase.

In my case, I didn’t create a blog just to blab about what I had for breakfast or journal about my non-existent love life. As a Journalism major, I created this blog to use an as online portfolio and springboard to a potential career in writing.

I want to showcase what I do well and brand myself to potential employers so they gain a strong sense of what I am about. I want to inform others about  what’s going on in the world. I want to share funny stories, good music and other cool stuff through this blog.

And the good news is that we all can do the same, you can take charge and rise on top of all this social media network madness. Like it or not it’s all about keeping up with the Joneses so I challenge you. If you’re an aspiring musician, you have the opportunity to share your songs on your own MySpace music page and be discovered like Mike Posner or become the next YouTube sensation like the Auto the News crew that struck a TV deal with Comedy Central.

Remember, the social media network is your online playground don’t be reluctant to take a swing through it.

Nemanja Vidic

Manchester United have some problems on their hands. Manchester United defender Rio Ferdinand is injured for a full six months before the start of the 2010/11 Premier League Season. In addition, Rumors of Serbian defender Nemanja Vidic wanting to leave the club for Real Madrid keep emerging and have the club unsettled at the dresser. Wayne Rooney can’t seem to shake off his no-show performance at the 2010 World Cup and is in a complete wreck. Is that why people are saying Manchester United are destined to finish outside the Top 4 or is it just plain jealousy of Manchester United’s success?

I just watched another episode of the Football Spy from the UK and there were some really interesting views on Man U. Believe it or not, Man U will finish outside the Top 4. But in all honesty, I can’t fathom that. Since the inception of the English Premier League in 1992, Sir Alex Ferguson’s side have never finished lower than 3rd place. They are consistent and one of the best sides in the EPL.

Even as an Arsenal fan, the thoughts of Man U finishing outside the Top 4 are ridiculous. That’s like saying Wayne Rooney could win in a beauty pageant (No offense Rooney)

So you may not like Manchester United but don’t deny the fact that this is a team that has won many titles and is draped in historical success. Rather focus on your own team and cheer them on in the 2010/11 Premier League Season. In this case, it’s Arsenal that I have down for the title. Go Gunners!