Want to know what’s it like to date a unicorn or would you rather get punched in the genitals than go through customer service on the phone? I thought so- Rest assured, The Oatmeal gives rather hilarious yet educational perspective on all these issues.

Web designer turned cartoon artist Matthew Inman is the likable know-it-all and douche-bag behind this crazy Web site. His cartoons will teach you the proper uses of irony and words that you seriously need to stop “mispelling.” More importantly you’ll love his facetious and sarcastic humor that ripples throughout each cartoon. It’s just full of random awkward awesomeness.

The Whatever Blog begs you to visit this Web site, the content on here is full of daily things in life you can enjoyably relate to, which will have you busting on the ground with stomach busting laughs.

Forget Facebook or Twitter (for at least two minutes) and check out something that will actually struck a chord with you. The Whatever Blog guarantees that you will love this Web site so much it will make you want to drop kick a baby and do backflips in the middle of a highway.