Gamers and tech heads were shocked when DirecTV permanently dropped the best video gaming network G4TV in Nov. 2010. However, DirecTV’s refusal to sign for another extension was G4’s own doing but now the game channel can make a strong comeback on Zuffa- the host network of UFC TV. Zuffa is looking to buy G4 from Comcast and add its tech based shows to its lineup of MMA action.

This presents a great opportunity for G4TV to get back on its feet after suffering from low ratings for so long. After losing out on an extension with DirecTV, they lost a staggering 40 million viewers and it’s been downhill ever since.

In 2009, G4TV cut down its lineup of shows in order to focus more on their two top carriers X-Play and Attack of The Show. Consequently, this also led to layoffs. In an attempt to raise viewer ratings, they discontinued original gamer shows like Cheat, a show on video game tips and cheats and replaced it with a show with a different kind of cheating.

The abrupt changes to the network’s programming unleashed an apocalypse of negativity from faithful G4 fans. Viewers eventually got sick of the mind-numbing reality marathons of COPS and cheating spouses. As ratings went down, it was apparent that the channel strayed from its gaming and technology roots. The sad thing about this is that none of these changes made sense. G4TV made a horrible mistake of fixing something that isn’t broke.

All things considered, the deal will be beneficial for both networks and will add variety to their respective lineups. In addition, the huge following behind MMA will propel G4TV’s miserable ratings.

If all goes well, we’ll be watching nothing but video games and intense caged fights on TV. What more could gamers ask for?